We currently have over 600 gadgets featured on GetdatGadget and guess which gadget is the number one, most popular gadget of all time on the site? If you have been following our monthly Top 10 gadgets list, you may have guessed that it is the Extendable Selfie Stick or Monopod and you will be right. The action of taking a selfie and the accessory that is most associated with the selfie has gained a lot of controversy in recent times.

Detractors of this self portraiture fad call it a form of narcissism and there are even studies that show that taking selfies causes self confidence problems among teens.  If you fall among this group then this article isn’t for you so please move along to the other 600 plus great gadgets on the site.

If you are a self-confessed selfie addict or someone who is wondering how to take your selfie skills to the next level, we would like to introduce you to a host of gadgets that make selfie taking an art and hopefully make the world a better place minus embarrassing photos taken at awkward angles.

We start with the most hated selfie taking instrument of all, the Selfie Stick or Selfie Monopod. It is a simple instrument that lets you attach your phone or camera at the end of an extendable pole so that you are no longer limited by the length of your arm. This reduces distortions caused by being too close to the camera and gives you a wider field of vision.

There are many different models on sale but all of them are pretty much the same. The main differences are the mechanism used for mounting the phone and also whether it comes with a remote shutter button. The mechanism used determines what sizes of phones are supported. Models with shutter buttons lets you control when you want the photo to be taken by pressing a button while those without it means that you require a self-timer feature on the phone or camera.

The above are some of the selfie sticks we have featured on the site. Starting from the upper left in clockwise, there are:

Extendable Handheld Selfie Stick

The extendable handheld selfie stick is the plain vanilla selfie stick. Different models have different lengths both extended and collapsed. They also fit different sizes of phones so make sure you pick one that fits yours. Most models have a mounting screw that fits standard tripod mounts so that it can be used with small cameras as well. Avoid heavier cameras as it is near impossible to balance a heavy object at the end of such a long pole.

You will also need a self-timer function or some other method of activating the camera shutter. Most Android cameras comes with a self timer while some even come with additional features such as using voice activation or “smile sensor” for releasing the shutter.

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Looq Extended Selfie Arm with Auto Shutter

The Looq Extended Selfie Arm with Auto Shutter is similar to the plain selfie stick but it comes with a remote shutter button on the stick handle. With the shutter button you have much better control over your selfies. You also do not have the hassle of remembering to put your camera into self-timer mode and then switching it off later on.

The Looq is also rather unique compared to other selfie monopods that has a shutter button – it does not require a Bluetooth connection. In fact, the Looq doesn’t even require batteries. All you have to do is plug in the included connector to your phone’s head phone jack.

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Kootek Bluetooth Monopod Selfie Stick with Shutter Button

The Kootek Monopod comes with a camera shutter button on the handle but it uses a Bluetooth connection to trigger the camera shutter button on your phone. It has a built-in rechargeable battery and a full charge gives you more than 100 hours of stand by time. Unlike the Looq, you do not have to plug and unplug the connecting cable every time you use it.

The Kootek stick also comes with 2 different phone mounts that cover phones with widths between 2.2 – 3.3 in. This practically covers just about every phone out there.

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Selfie Xtender Selfie Stick

The Selfix Xtender Selfie Stick on the other hand does not come with the remote shutter button. However it has a special sticky pad which makes it real easy to mount on just about any phone without resorting to unwieldy phone mounts. While it may not look like much but this adhesive surface can securely hold any phone or even tablet up to 2 kg in weight. Of course as mentioned earlier, it may not be possible to use the stick with so much weight at the end unless the phone or tablet is actually resting on something else.

The other caveat about the Selfie Xtender is that at the time of this posting, it is still not available for sale yet. It is in fact seeking funding via Indiegogo.

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As mentioned earlier, not all selfie sticks come with a remote shutter button. You can either opt for a selfie that comes with a built-in shutter button or you can remotely control the shutter button using an add-on gadget. The gadget is also ideal for those who are not interested in using the selfie stick but want a better way activate the camera shutter.

Here are a few available options for a remote camera shutter controller. From the left in clockwise:

GabbaGoods Selfie Camera Remote Shutter

The GabbaGoods Selfie camera remote shutter is a wired remote for iOS devices with a 4 foot long wire. While it is wired and only works for iOS devices, the advantage of the GabbaGoods remote shutter is that it does not require any 3rd party app to work. All you have to do is plug in to the iPhone or iPad’s headphone jack and click on the remote button to activate the shutter. Just plug, smile and snap!

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Muku Shuttr Remote Control for Camera Shutter

The Muku Shuttr Remote Control on the other hand is both wireless and it works with both iOS and Android devices. It is very slim and portable which makes it easy to bring around with you. If you are using an iOS device or one of the newer Android devices, no additional app is required. It uses Bluetooth and requires a replaceable button battery.

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Kootek Bluetooth Remote Camera Shutter Release

The Kootek Bluetooth Remote Camera Shutter Release is similar to the Muku Shuttr. It is not as small and doesn’t look as sleek as the Muku Shuttr but it also cost a whole lot less. Newer Samsung devices don’t need any additional apps but both iOS and other Android devices from Sony and HTC do. The remote may also not work with older Android devices so please check the compatibility list carefully.

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Dedicated camera shutter remotes are not the only devices that can be used to remotely activate the camera shutter. There are many other Bluetooth devices that have the camera shutter remote as a feature. The above are three such devices.

iMpulse Wireless Controller for Mobile Devices

The iMpulse Wireless Controller is a really tiny Bluetooth game controller for both iOS and Android devices. It works with many games that require button control and it replaces on the on-screen buttons with real physical buttons for better control. It also includes a camera remote shutter function.

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COGITO Classic Smart Watch

The Cogito Classic Smart Watch is a cross between a traditional mechanical watch and a smart watch. It looks and works like a normal analog watch but it includes certain smart watch features such as displaying notifications from your phone. And yes, controlling your smart phone’s camera shutter is also one of its smart watch features.

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Martian Notifier Smartwatch

The Martian Notifier Smartwatch is very similar to the Cogito Classic. It is another smart watch that straddles between a smart watch and a more classical and trendier looking wrist watch. A camera shutter remote control is also one of its many features.

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You are not limited to your arm or the selfie stick when taking a selfie. There are many other accessories that can help you take that perfect selfie although they may not be as versatile or as easy to use.

Grip & Shoot Smart Grip for iPhone

The aim of the Grip & Shoot Smart Grip is to give you a better and steadier grip when using your phone as a camera. It looks like a iPhone mount that has been grafted on top of a pistol butt. It may look silly but it is a whole lot easier to maintain a stable grip using this gadget while holding your phone at arm’s length to take a selfie. Best of all, it has a remote shutter button to activate the camera.

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Snappgrip Remote Shutter Release Controller

The Snappgrip also provides an alternative way of gripping your phone by giving it a grip similar to an SLR camera. While we thing that the Grip & Shoot provides a steadier grip for taking a selfie, the Snappgrip looks less awkward and would probably attract less stares if you are the shy type. It also comes with a tripod mount for mounting on any standard  tripod.

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Anycase 2.0 Universal Smartphone Tripod Adapter

Folks have been taking selfies even before the arrival of camera phones. The only difference is that a tripod is usually required. It is a whole lot more hassle but you do get better quality photos. You can mount your smartphone to a tripod by using a tripod adapter like the Anycase 2.0 Universal Smartphone Tripod Adapter. This adapter works with just about any phone with or without a case.

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Joby GP3 GorillaPod

Instead of using a standard tripod, you can also use a flexible tripod like the Joby GP3 GorillaPod. While it doesn’t have extended legs, the unique flexible joints on the legs of the Joby GP3 GorillaPod lets you mount your camera or phone just about anywhere. Wrap those tripod legs around a post, rock, wall, branch, anything!

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ExtraVerso Grip Case

Why bother with a tripod when your phone can stick to just about any flat smooth surface? The ExtraVerso Grip Case has a really sticky surface that allows you to stick your phone to a window or metal sheet to hold it in place while you take that selfie.

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