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Are you sick of the awkward looking selfies that you take? Do not torture your friends and families with your weird angled horrors. Use the Extendable Handheld Selfie Stick instead. It is like the invisible photo taking companion that you always wished you had.

The Extendable Handheld Selfie Stick or monopod is a collapsible rod that looks and function very much like the extendable pointers that public speakers use for presentations. At the tip of the rod is an attachment for mounting a camera with a tripod mount or the included adapter for mounting a smartphone. To bring your selfies to the next level of photography, just attach your smartphone or camera to the selfie stick, set the auto-timer on the camera, extend the stick and put on your best pose. iPhone users may need a camera self-timer app as it doesn’t come with an auto timer by default.

Selfie Stick Phone Mount

Close-up of Phone Mount Adapter for Selfie Stick

Alternatively, you can also use a remote camera trigger device with the selfie stick to give you better control over your photos. iPhone users can try using the GabbaGoods Selfie Camera Remote Shutter while Android users can use the Kootek Bluetooth Remote Shutter ReleaseImpulse Wireless Controller or the Muku Shuttr Remote Control which support both iOS and Android devices.

The selfie stick will only work with compact digital cameras and the smartphone adapter will only hold phones up to 2.6 inches wide. This fits all iPhones but not phones with 5 inch display like the Samsung Galaxy S4 which is 2.75 inches wide for example. For owners of large screen devices like the Samsung Galaxy S4/S5 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2/3, you will need an additional tripod mount adapter that support larger devices like the Square Jellyfish Tripod Mount or a similar accessory. Alternatively, you may want to check out the UFCIT monopod selfie stick that has a different design phone holder that does support larger phones including the Samsung Galaxy S4/S5.

When not in use, the selfie stick collapses to just under 9 inches long.

If you are looking for a selfie arm with a built-in camera shutter button, check out the Looq Selfie Stick. The camera shutter button is located on the monopod handle itself for easy triggering of the camera shutter.

Last but not least, check out our Ultimate Selfie Gadget Guide for a full list of gadgets to help you take that perfect selfie. It covers not just all the different selfie monopods and camera shutter remotes but also other mounting options.
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