Love them or hate them, selfies are taking the world by storm. Just about everyone with a camera phone is doing it. However, taking a good selfie takes skills and a very steady hand, something that is very difficult to achieve with an outstretched arm that has to click on the camera shutter button at the same time. Hence the high number of dreadful photos that are often associated with selfies. To help reduce the number of awkward looking selfies comes the GabbaGoods Selfie Camera Remote Shutter for the iPhone and iPad.

While there are other remote shutters on the market like the Muku Shuttr, the GabbaGoods Selfie Camera Remote Shutter requires no custom app installation. All you have to do is plug in the shutter’s cable to your iPhone or iPad’s headphone jack and press on the remote button to take a photo. Since you don’t need to press the shutter button on the phone with your outstretched hand, you get much less shaking and better quality photos. You can even leave the phone or tablet on a tabletop and take a photo from up to 4.5 feet away, which is the length of the cable.

The GabbaGoods Selfie Camera Remote Shutter does have certain limitations that some of the other remote shutters do not have. For one, it only works with iOs devices with iOS 5 or higher. Secondly, the distance from the camera is limited to the length of the cable which is 4.5 feet. On the other hand, the GabbaGoods remote shutter is much cheaper at about half the price of the Muku Shuttr. However, the remote shutter does work well for taking selfie and I guess that is what is important.

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GabbaGoods Selfie Camera Remote Shutter

The days of the awkward Selfies are now over! #TheSelfie by GabbaGoods is the hottest and most fun way to take a photo!

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