The Grip & Shoot Smart Grip for iPhone is very much like the SnappGrip. It attaches to your iPhone and adds camera shutter and zoom buttons. The big difference is of course how the grip looks. While the SnappGrip adds a DSLR-like grip to your iPhone, the Grip & Shoot Smart Grip reminds me more of a joystick from a flight simulator controller.

Like the SnappGrip, the Grip & Shoot has Bluetooth support. It consists of 2 separate parts. The first is the smart grip itself with the camera shutter trigger and zoom buttons. The second is the casing the holds the iPhone which has a locking shoe to connect to the smart grip. The 1/4″ -20 screw on the locking shoe allows the case to be used with a standard tripod. This makes it ideal to use the Grip & Shoot as a wireless remote controller for the iPhone. Selfies, anyone?

As to which grip is better, it is a matter of preference. The Grip & Shoot is designed for single handed use and yes, it is the ideal design for taking selfies compared to the SnappGrip. It is much easier to keep the iPhone steady for a selfie shot with the handle design. On the other hand, using the Grip & Shoot requires the use of a casing. If you already have a casing for your iPhone, you have to remove that first. The additional function as a remote camera trigger is a big plus which the SnappGrip lacks though.



Where to Buy Grip & Shoot Smart Grip for iPhone


Grip & Shoot Smart Grip for iPhone

The Grip & Shoot Bluetooth Smart Grip for iPhone 5/5S & 4S attaches a handle to your smartphone for comfort and support and provides full one-handed control of the camera’s operation.

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