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Whether you are a DIY handyman fiddling with your own home or a professional contractor that does it for a living, you may have experienced the disaster of accidentally cutting through or nailing through a hidden wire or water pipe in the wall. It is not only a hassle and costly mistake, it could be a dangerous one as well. You either have to take your chances or be very, very careful when you work. However, working blindly may be a thing of the past with the Walabot wall scanner that allows you to see what is inside your walls, kinda like an x-ray machine.

The cool thing about the Walabot sensor is that it is not a big, complicated and expensive piece of machinery that only the professionals can afford. On the contrary, it is about the size of your smartphone. In fact, it connects to your phone and uses its screen as a display. Like something out of a science fiction movie, you connect your phone to the scanner and slide it over the wall. Hidden items like metal objects, wood studs, wires and pipes will shop up the display so that you can avoid them.

So how does the Walabot work its magic? It emits thousands of radio waves and it has sensitive sensors that can detect the waves that bounces off the pipes and wires in the walls from which it creates an image. It is like a portable consumer version of a 3D imaging system. It is perfectly safe to use as unlike an x-ray machine, radio waves have low energy and are already all around us.

However, the low energy radio waves cannot penetrate as deeply and therefore it can only see up to 4 inches deep into a concrete or drywall. This should be sufficient for what it is designed for, a handy tool for the home user or pro-builder.

Currently the Walabot is only compatible with Android devices although not all devices are on its compatibility list. So please check and confirm with the list before purchasing.
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