Here is an interesting idea. You know those sticky non-slip grip mats that are used for keeping phones, keys and other stuff from slipping off the car dashboard? Why not use the same material to make a super grip cover for the iPhone? That is what the ExtraVerso Grip Case for the iPhone 4/4s and 5/5s is. The case is also extremely thin and adds almost no extra bulk to the phone.

With the ExtraVerso Grip Case, you can attach your iPhone to just about any flat and non-porous surface and your phone will stay in place, impervious to both gravity and momentum. Besides making sure that your phone does not suffer an ill-fated fall from a table top or a car dash, you can also use the ExtraVerso Grip Case to conviniently mount your phone on any flat surface.

You can mount your phone at eye level while you refer to your favorite recipes in the kitchen. You can mount your phone for taking better selfies. You can mount your phone for watching movies while on a plane or in a car without the need of a phone stand.

The cover can be easily removed, cleaned and reattached without losing its adhesive power. It also comes with a a complimentary clear side bumper for added protection.



Where to Buy ExtraVerso Grip Case


ExtraVerso Grip Case

This iPhone cover has a singular adhesive ability that enables you to fix your phone to nearly any flat and smooth surface. 

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ExtraVerso Grip Case

The ExtraVerso covers are extremely thin and light to preserve the original design of the smartphone, and they feature incredible grip properties, meaning they can even cling to flat and non-porous surfaces such as windows or mirrors, allowing a whole new world of functionalities for the device.

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