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This is yet another Android smartwatch from Chinese manufacturer FINOW, the FINOW Q1 3G Smartwatch. Most of FINOW’s range of smartwatches are fairly similar with minor differences from one model to another. However, this model has 2 very significant differences from the other models. The first is that it has a rectangular screen instead of the round ones previously. Secondly, this watch runs Android 5.1 instead of the Android 4.x on the older models.

The first difference is just a matter of preference. Some prefer round watch faces while others prefer rectangular ones. The FINOW Q1 has a 1.54 inch LED display 320 x 320 pixel resolution. This is slightly lower than the 400 x 400 resolution on the FINOW X5 that we reviewed earlier. However, we are not sure if it is because of the rectangular screen but the difference in resolution is not very obvious. The watch faces still look slightly pixelated if you look closely but it is not a big issue.

The second difference actually makes a huge difference when it comes to functionality and user friendliness. The FINOW Q1 is actually a fully functional smartphone that has been stuffed into a watch. It has a SIM card slot and it can make phone calls, send and received text messages, and connect to the internet (with a data plan) independent from your smartphone. Unlike the Apple Watch or watches running on Android Wear, it does not need to tether to a smartphone.

If you have been using Android phones for the last few years, you will no doubt remember the jump in stability and the extra features that came with Android 5.x. Android 5.1 on the FINOW Q1 feels so much more responsive than Android 4.4 on the FINOW X5. Like any Android phone, you can connect the watch to the Google Play Store and download apps to your content. However, due to the limited screen size, not all apps will run well on such a small screen. However, unlike the FINOW X5, this watch does not have a heart rate monitor.

The FINOW Q1 is powered by a 400 mAh rechargeable battery. Charging is via a magnetic connector at the back of the phone. You do have to be a little careful with your usage to make the battery last the whole day.

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