You found a problem that doesn’t have an existing solution. You decide to come up with a product that provides a solution. It works great and you think that millions around the world would benefit from your product. You do what many have done, start a crowdfunding campaign and hope for the best. But guess what? Listing your campaign on a crowdfunding site like Kickstarter or Indiegogo does not guarantee success. Depending on the product and platform, success rate can rate anywhere from just 10-50%.

So, how do you increase your rate of success? You need to get the word out there to people who are interested in your product. That is your problem and we have the solution.

Here at GetdatGadget we have curated over a thousand gadgets over the years. Tens of thousands of gadget fans visit our site every month. We share the products that we feature on the site on all our social media platforms but we find that we resonate the best with our Pinterest followers.

We have a large following on Pinterest that is growing every single day. Our Pinterest followers don’t just view our pins but they actively save and share our pins with others. We have hundreds of pins that have more than a thousand saves. We also have a handful that are in the tens of thousands. Studies have shown that pinners who save a pin have an interest to buy.

In additional to the exposure that your product gets on the site, your product gets promoted to potentially millions of Pinterest users who are interested to buy.

If you are interested in giving your project that extra chance of achieving success, come talk to us and let us help you. Just fill up the form below and tell us a little about your product and we will get back to you.


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