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The selfie stick or monopod. Yes, we all either hate it or love it but you gotta admit that you have to love the feeling of being finally able to walk down a tourist filled street without being inundated with requests to help take a photo. As expected with any popular devices, there are now tons of different versions of selfie sticks. Getting the right one that fits your smart phone can be a hassle especially if you plan to use a few different phones together with the monopod. The ideal design would be one that allows you to easily swap the phone and one that can fit but that is usually easier said than done.

That is why there is now an Indiegogo funding project for the Selfie Xtender, touted by its designers as the most universal selfie stick in the world. What makes the Selfie Xtender monopod fit just about any phone is the use of a sticky pad instead of the usual mechanical holding arm. In fact, the sticky pad is not just limited to phones but it will also securely hold any tablet up to 2 kg in weight as well although we would recommend that you don’t do that as it would not be easy to hold the Selfie Xtender with a 2 kg tablet attached to the other end.

You may have seen similar technology in use by smart phone car dash mounts. The sticky surface grips just about any flat surface in a surprisingly very strong hold and yet can be easily removed and swap with another phone. When the surface becomes less sticky, just rinse the pad under running water and it will be as good as new again.

The Selfie Xtender also comes with a ball joint that allows for maximum flexibility and limitless angles for setting up that perfect selfie shot. A self timer app is available for both iOS and Android phones that do not come with a built-in timer. The Selfic Xtender will also come in 6 different colors.

If you are interested in the Selfie Xtender, just head on over to their Indiegogo campaign page and pledge your support.
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