The Smart Watch That is Just Smart Enough


Wearable tech especially smart watches are the rage nowadays. It seems like everybody and their dog are coming out with a wearable tech product. As gadget freaks, we are as excited over the various smart watches just like everybody else but we have a nagging feeling that a smart watch that tries to do everything that our smartphones are doing right now is missing the point. What we probably need is a smart watch that compliments the phone, not replace it. Something like the COGITO Classic Smart Watch.

First of all, the COGITO Classic Smart Watch looks more like a watch than most other smart watches. Unless you take a real close look at it, you probably couldn’t tell that it is a smart watch. Not everyone may agree with us but this is a huge plus point. Secondly, the battery in the COGITO lasts for over a year. Many of today’s smart watches can barely last a whole day, adding to the number of mobile devices that you have to remember to charge daily.

Your smartphone connects to the COGITO Classic Smart Watch via Bluetooth LE and sends notifications to it. You can customize what kind of notifications are to be sent. You can also see who is calling or messaging and decide to answer or mute your phone without removing it from your pocket.

It can also do a few other smart watch tricks such as controlling music playback on your phone or function as a remote camera shutter release.

The COGITO Classic Smart Watch works with most newer iOS devices and Android 4.3 devices or newer.



Where to Buy COGITO Classic Smart Watch


COGITO Classic Smart Watch

Designed for the busy, social and fashionable crowd, COGITO Classic Smart Watch merges classic analog movement with a lucid digital display.

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