Having Problem Sleeping? Let These Gadgets Help


Having trouble getting restful sleep at night or while traveling? Usually technology such as computers and TV are a big no-no when it comes to falling asleep because they do just the opposite. They keep your mind active and make it even harder to fall asleep. However, not all technology is bad for encouraging sleep. We have picked a selection of gadgets that are specifically designed to help you sleep better. Some are designed to help you in the bedroom while a few others are for helping you catch some z’s while traveling.


Philips Wake-Up Light

Ever felt that you haven’t slept a wink when you wake up in the morning to your blaring alarm? Sometimes the waking up properly is just as important as getting enough sleep.

The Philips Wake-Up Light slowly adjusts light intensity to simulate a sunrise to gently wake you up. This is a more natural process and closely simulates how our body clock actually functions.The use of alarm clocks is unnatural and foreign to our bodies.

Besides waking you up gently, the Philips Wake-Up Light also simulates a sunset when you are ready to sleep. The light slowly lowers in intensity to help you fall asleep. (Read more)

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Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine

One of the most common reasons for sleep interruption is loud noises. To counter this, the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine creates even more noise. Although it may sound illogical but what keeps you awake is not the loud noises but the fact that your brain is picking up the sound and concentrating on it.

The sound of a dripping tap is the bane of many insomniacs. On the other hand, the sound of rain is very therapeutic for helping people sleep. Why is this so? Your brain can pick up the sound of a single repetitious drip but it cannot pick up the sound of individual drops of rain water. Once your brain can no longer focus on a single sound, it turns itself off and this is what helps you sleep.

The Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine generates white noise to cancel out individual sounds such as a noisy radiator or sounds from a construction site. It may seem strange to reduce the distraction of sound by creating even more noise but it is a scientifically proven method. That is why the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine is a best seller on Amazon. (Read more)

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Sleep sound CDs are a huge sellers. However they do not work on everyone and most people have their own special preferred sounds. If you are not sleeping on your own, putting on sleep sounds may disturb your sleeping partner. On the other hand, headphones and earphones are uncomfortable

A practical solution is the PillowSonic, a flat speaker for placing under your pillow without causing any discomfort. It is like your own private speaker for listening to anything you like without disturbing anyone else including someone who is sleeping right next to you.

The PillowSonic has an added advantage of being a silent alarm that will wake you and only you. (Read more)

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Dreamate Sleep Aid

The Dreamate Sleep Aid uses a hybrid of Chinese traditional therapy and Western medical knowledge to help induce sleep. It is a device that is worn on the wrist about an hour before bedtime. The device uses the ancient technique of acupuncture to relax the body and soothe the mind. Acupuncture is a proven and still widely used Chinese therapy method that is used to promote better blood circulation and thus help relax the body.

Like most sleeping aids, the Dreamate may not work for everyone but it is definitely worth trying before resorting to sleeping pills and other drugs. (Read more)

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Lark Silent Alarm Clock

The main function of the Lark Silent Alarm Clock is as a silent alarm clock. It is worn around the sleeper’s wrist and it will gently vibrate to pull the wearer out of deep sleep. Like the Philips Wake-Up Light, gently waking up a person from sleep gives the sleeper a more restful sleep that is more beneficial.

However, the Lark Silent Alarm Clock is more than just a simple alarm clock. It is also a smart device that connects via Bluetooth to an app that runs on your iOS smartphone. With the help of the app, the Lark Silent Alarm Clock keeps track of your sleeping pattern. If you prefer, you can let the app decide on when is the best time to wake you up to give you optimal sleep. (Read more)

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Evolution Travel Pillow

Some of us have no problems sleeping on the bed but have the most horrible time when trying to sleep while travelling especially on long haul flights. The cramped seating arrangement on an airline is probably the worst position to be in if you want to sleep. While it may not replace a recliner seat in the Business Class, the Evolution Travel Pillow is your best friend when it comes to sleeping on a plane. 

The Evolution Travel Pillow from Cabeau re-looks at the design of the horse shoe travel pillow to come up with a design that removes all the flaws while incorporating innovative features that are designed to promote sleep under very challenging conditions. The use responsive foam gives ample support but when collapsed, takes up a fraction of the space. It also means that there is no need to blow it up.

The high neck support gives support to the head and prevent it from falling to the side. The pillow can also be adjusted to give support to the chin.

It is difficult to describe the comfort of a pillow using mere words but what speaks louder than words is the fact that the Evolution Travel Pillow has earned the reputation of being the best neck pillow in the world. (Read more)

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You like it a few degrees cooler but your significant other likes it a little warmer. Do you give in or do you compromise? With the ChiliPad cooling and heating mattress pad, it is neither. You can both have your preferred temperature by setting the respective halves of the Chilipad to the ideal temperature. 

The ChiliPad uses water to heat or cool down the mattress pad. The temperature can be adjusted in 1-degree increments from 46° F to 118° F. Using the ChiliPad for temperature control is also much more energy efficient than to use an air conditioner or heating system to control the temperature of an entire room. (Read more)

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Travelrest Travel Pillow

The Evolution Travel Pillow is undoubtedly one of the best neck pillows ever designed. While the neck pillow design has been around for a long time, there is more than one way to skin a cat. The Travelrest Travel Pillow throws everything we know about a travel pillow to come up with an unorthodox travel pillow design.

For one, it is not worn around the neck. It looks more like a tiny bolster with a mini pillow for resting your head. For those who hug their pillow when they sleep, they will feel right at home in their own bed with the Travelrest Travel Pillow. A strap holds the pillow securely in place while you rest your head and cuddle the pillow. While the Travelrest is an inflatable pillow, it only takes just a couple of puffs or air to inflate it.

Our word of advice is not to judge the Travelrest Travel Pillow by its looks. (Read more)

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Drift Light Auto-Dimming Bulb

Drift Light helps us sleep by going back to nature. It simulates the conditions that induce the human body to sleep – nightfall. Our bodies are naturally conditioned to wind down and relax as the day comes to an end and with the light of the day slowly fading. The Drift Light Auto-Dimming Bulb is the only bulb that simulates a sunset.

It slowly dims and shuts itself in 37 minutes, simulating the average duration of a sunset. The gradual drift from bright to dark helps prepare your body for sleep. There is also a Moonlight mode where the bulb doesn’t completely goes off. Perfect for the children’s room. (Read more)

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