The World’s First Wearable Docking System


Is that your new engagement ring? It’s huge! No, that is just my CELLTACK Smartphone Docking System. With it I can mount my smartphone securely on my ring and it allows me to operate the touch screen with just one hand. Look.

CELLTACK Smartphone Docking System


The idea of a wearable phone docking system on a ring may seem a little silly but the CELLTACK Smartphone Docking System is actually an entire docking system that is based on a magnetic cleat that has a super strong neodymium magnet. The cleat allows the phone to be securely attached to the ring or a variety of other mounting objects. The ring is just one of the many possible accessories for the CELLTACK Smartphone Docking System.

Some of the planned accessories include a bike mount and a wrist/arm band mount. There is also a mounting dock accessory that has a sticky surface that can be mounted on most flat smooth surfaces like your bathroom mirror or your car dashboard. Basically, with the dock, you can turn almost any spot into a secure mount for your phone.

The CELLTACK Smartphone Docking System is seeking funding on Indiegogo. Head on over to pledge your support.