We were skeptical about the Ecotones Sound and Sleep Machine and its claims on helping users to getting a good night’s sleep. But with an average of 4.5 out of 5 stars from over 1,000 Amazon reviewers and with over 800 of them giving it a full 5 stars rating, we just had to check it out.

The Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine is a white noise generator and what it does is to mask out other noises that keep you up at night. Sounds like a dripping faucet, street noises or even snoring are intrusive and prevents you from sleeping soundly because your brain is always scanning and listening for sounds. White noise is generated by combining sounds of different frequencies. It helps mask out background noises because your brain can no longer pick out a single sound due to barrage of sounds from the white noise. Furthermore, the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine has Adaptive Sound technology that listens to the surrounding sounds and adjusts the white noise volume and sound profile to mask out the surrounding sound.

The use of the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine is not limited to just helping you to sleep at night but it works equally well in masking out sounds during the day. If you are unfortunate enough to be living next to a busy street or a noisy construction site, the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine can be used to mask out those sounds and give you a little peace of mind during the day as well.

This may sound like a lot of mambo-jumbo but judging from the reviews, the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine actually works. There are other white sound generators out there but the Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine seems to be the only one that has an Adaptive Sound technology that works pretty well.


Where to Buy Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine


Ecotones Sound + Sleep Machine

Get a better night’s sleep, the natural way, with the Ecotones SOUND+SLEEP machine. For roughly the same amount you’d spend for a month’s supply of sleeping medication, SOUND+SLEEP provides high-quality, natural sound compositions to help you relax and treat your body to a night of deep, restorative sleep.

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