Besides eating well and enough exercise, a good night’s sleep is absolutely critical for good health and in preparing you to face the rest of the day. If you have problems sleeping, there are alternatives to sleeping pills that you should explore. The Dreamate Sleep Aid by Hivox is a device that features a hybrid of Chinese traditional therapy and Western medical knowledge to help induce sleep.

The Dreamate Sleep Aid is worn on the wrist. It uses acupuncture to relax the body and soothe the mind. Acupuncture is a proven and still widely used Chinese therapy method that is used to promote better blood circulation in your body. Good blood circulation help to ease the mind and help relax the body.

Just strap it on about an hour before your bedtime and it should slowly lull you to restful sleep. No more sleeping pills or prescription drugs. You should be enjoying the full benefits of the Dreamate Sleep Aid in as little as two weeks.

The Dreamate Sleep Aid by Hivox runs on AAA battery.


Where to Buy Dreamate Sleep Aid by Hivox


Dreamate Sleep Aid by Hivox

The Dreamate is designed to help you sleep better. It sends pulse waves to the wrist’s specific acupuncture points, promoting better blood circulation and deep sleep. Simply strap it on for an hour before bedtime and you’ll be drifting into slumber land before you know it.

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