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Flying coach on long haul flights is probably one of the worst form of torture we modern human beings are subjected to. One way to alleviate is to sleep through the flight as long as possible. Unfortunately most human beings are just not accustomed to falling asleep in the cramped positions that the airlines subject its coach passengers to. Travellers try all manners of gadgets and drugs to help fall asleep. One often used device is the travel pillow. While useful, the current design of the travel pillow has many weaknesses. The Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow takes another look at the travel pillow and redesigns it to address these issues.

Firstly, the Evolution Travel Pillow uses responsive memory foam that has been proven to provide the best comfort when resting our heads as the foam adjusts to the contours of your face and head. That is why it is widely used in bedroom pillows as well. Using memory foam also means no blowing up the pillow to fill it up. To store it, just compress it and stuff it in the included water repellent travel bag. It compresses to about a quarter of its size.

The next feature is what really triumphs over normal inflatable pillows. It has a high profile support on either sides of the neck. This gives much better support to the head and prevents it from falling to the side. This makes it really comfortable. There is a clip fastener on the front to adjust the chin support and to hold the pillow in place. Another important feature for us is that it has a flat back cushion that doesn’t push the head forward.

Last but not least, it has a pouch to store your phone or music player. Not really essential but it is a nice to have feature.

The Evolution Travel Pillow may not be as fancy as some of the other pillows that provide full back support. However, it is an ideal compromise between the comfort provided and the ease of transport and storage. Therefore we are not surprised that it is widely regarded as the best travel pillow and has been voted 5 stars by over 380 users on Amazon.



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Cabeau Evolution Travel Pillow

The patented Evolution Pillow is the first travel pillow that actually works! Find out why people are calling this the best neck pillow in the world.

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