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Who doesn’t love eating cake? There is a reason for the use of cake in the proverb, “Having your cake and eating it too”. However, if you learn how to bake, you may come very close to having your cake and eating it too. Now, you do not have to enroll yourself in a baking school just to learn the art of making the perfect cake. Be a master baker with Perfect Bake. With this product, you can bake delicious treats all the time. This app-powered weighing scale weighs each ingredient to give you the exact measurement needed for that perfect pastry. It comes with built-in a timer that notifies you when you are done mixing, baking, or cooling.

The Perfect Bake does some of the heavy lifting in the baking process for you with a little help of an app that is installed on a connected iOS or Android device. The connection is a wired one via the headphone jack on the device. With Perfect Bake, no measuring is needed. Just place the bowl on the scale, add ingredients and the LED display on the bowl will tell you when to stop. The app then proceeds to the next ingredient or step in the process. The app does all the calculations for you. Simply indicate the number of cookies or muffins you want to make, and the app automatically scales the recipe for you. The app comes with three different times for mixing, baking, and cooling.

Perfect Bake

Perfect Bake will do other things for you as well. For instance, when a recipe requires a 13 x 9 inch pan and what you only have is a 6 inch round pan, the patented pan sizer will automatically scale the recipe for you. In addition, if you a little short on the ingredients, just put the short ingredient on the scale and the app will automatically proportionate the rest of the ingredients for you.

Aside from that, Perfect Bake also features hundreds of recipes that you can try out for yourself. They were created and taste-tested by professional pastry chefs. New recipes are added as the app is updated. Are you a vegetarian? The app’s database also features healthy options like gluten-free and vegan. With the Recipe Editor, you can enter your favorite recipe or customize current ones and add your own pictures as well.

Aside from the scale, the Perfect Bake system also comes with a set of  3 color coded mixing bowls (small – large), an oven thermometer and even a stand for your tablet for easy viewing while baking. Baking the perfect cookie or muffin need not be a headache. Now, you can have an easy time creating pastries like a master with Perfect Bake.

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