While the alarm clock is the most common way that most people wake up to, it is a rather jolting experience that none enjoy. The other problem with alarm clocks is that it wakes up everybody in the room (and sometimes other rooms as well) and not just you. After all, not everyone has to wake up at the same time. The Lark Silent Alarm Clock is an alternative and hopefully better way to wake up to and it is a personal alarm clock that only wakes up the person that wears it.

The Lark Silent Alarm Clock is worn around the wrist like a wrist watch. The wearer is woken up using vibrations. As a backup, if the user does not respond after a few minutes of vibration, an audio alarm will sound.

The Lark Silent Alarm Clock links to an iOS device via Bluetooth. Alarms are set using the app but once set, the Lark works independently from the phone or tablet. The alarm will operate at the set time regardless if the Bluetooth connection is still available or if the phone or tablet has been switched off.

The free app that comes with the Lark has sleep tracking functions that records your sleep patterns and can let you know how many hours you have slept. You can even let the Lark and the app to decide on when you should wake up to give you optimal sleep.


Where to Buy Lark Silent Alarm Clock


Lark Silent Alarm Clock

The original silent, vibrating alarm clock and basic sleep tracker. Wake gently and refreshed without waking that person next to you. Perfect for spouses, partners, roommates and the hard of hearing.

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