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We love our smart watches because of all the things they can do. However, just like how our phones have become an all-in-one super tool that does just about everything, our watches have grown into this huge and heavy behemoth sitting on our wrists. We sometimes do have the nagging feeling that perhaps watches should stay simple and just do what they are designed to do which is to tell time every time we take a quick glance at it on our wrist. Simplicity can be a beautiful thing and nothing proves this more than the Welly Merck minimalist watch.

While we love our gadgets here at GetdatGadget, we also appreciate minimalism. Welly Merck is still rather new in the world of classy and elegant dress watches but that doesn’t mean they are wet behind the ears when it comes to understanding what watch lovers want. Born literally out of a marriage of two individuals, an American boy with a passion for iron craft and travelling, and a Swiss girl from a traditional watch-making family, the company has all the makings of a great watch company.

However, instead of being just another Swiss watch maker catering to the rich, Welly Merck has decided to create high-end Swiss watches that are affordable to all. After a very successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter that had the support of over 500 backers and raised almost $70k, this young watch company has launched its first line of watches. This initial line of watches features a 42mm diameter case for the men’s range and a 36mm case for the women’s range.

All the watches feature a super-thin 6 mm case, Swiss quartz movement, 3 ATM water resistance and our personal favorite, sapphire crystal glass. The last is critical especially for clumsy folks like us. It kept the watch glass face looking pristine even after a few hard bangs against all kinds of hard surfaces. We also liked the fact that the crown is positioned at the 4 o’clock position so that it doesn’t dig into into your wrist when you bend it.

Being true to its minimalist inspiration and design, the watch face is kept as simple as possible. There are minimal hour and minute markings along the edges and the Welly Merck logo at the top but that is about it. There isn’t even a second hand.

Welly Merck offers a whole range of customization for the watch line including different colored watch faces and 3 different types of watch straps – an elegant mesh strap made from stainless steel, classy leather, and fashionable and colorful nylon straps.

While everything about the watch is kept simple, it does have one trick up its sleeve. The straps feature an innovative quick change feature that allows you to quickly swap straps without requiring any tools. This means that you can buy additional straps from Welly Merck and give your watch a new look by swapping in the appropriate strap to match the look that you want.

We were sent a watch with the stainless steel mesh strap in gold. The mesh strap looks really good and gives the watch that formal look. The mesh strap has a locking mechanism that allows you to adjust the strap to fit your wrist size. Again, no tools are required to do the adjustment. Just slide the strap until it fits properly and lock the mechanism. We have to admit though that it was not easy to adjust the strap using just one hand but it got easier after a few tries.

Based on what we see, we think that Welly Merck has largely succeeded in producing an affordable watch range that has many features that you don’t expect to see on something of this price range. However, more importantly, it manages to do so in a form factor that is both thin and strong while maintaining that elegant minimalist look.

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