Minimalist or slim wallets are one of our favorite gadgets here at GetdatGadget. We also love phone cases that double up as wallets so that we only need to carry one item instead of two. The CardNinja Ultra-Slim Wallet is yet another slim wallet but while it is attached to a phone, it isn’t really an actual phone case but it is currently our favorite slim wallet and we will tell you why.

The CardNinja Ultra-Slim Wallet is basically a stretchable pocket that attaches to the back of your phone. This has 2 main advantages. First of all, it adds almost no bulk (it is 0.09″ thick) or weight to the phone as it is just a pocket. Secondly, unlike the other phone case-wallet combos we have featured in the past, the CardNinja Ultra-Slim Wallet works with just about any phone just as long as it has an area for the CardNinja to stick on to. You can even stick the CardNinja on a phone with a casing if that is what you prefer.

The CardNinja Ultra-Slim Wallet can hold about 5 cards plus some cash snugly and will not fall out.  You can now say goodbye to your wallet.


Where to Buy CardNinja Ultra-Slim Wallet


CardNinja Ultra-Slim Wallet

The Card Ninja is a deceptively simple, extremely useful wallet-like pocket for your smartphone.

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