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With the the tagline “Carry Less, Adventure More” boldly imprinted on the inside of the belt, you know that the SlideBelts Survival Belt is much more than just an ordinary belt that holds up your pants. This belt is designed by adventurers, for adventurers.

SlideBelts has been designing belts for years so the challenge for the survival belt wasn’t to just design any belt with survival features. The real challenge was to design a survival belt that is both simple and practical while being packed with essential features. The SlideBelts Survival Belt had to look and function as a well-designed belt whether the user is adventuring or not.

We have to say that SlideBelts scored top points in creating a survival belt that looks elegant enough for your office ensemble. Most importantly, it doesn’t look like a multitool strapped to a belt buckle. In fact, if you didn’t know better, you wouldn’t think there is anything unusual about the belt when it is sitting on someone’s waist.

The magic of the SlideBelts Survival Belt happens when you remove it from your waist. The stainless steel buckle has a few hidden tools including a Titanium Nitride coated stainless steel knife. The blade of the knife also doubles up as a bottle opener. Also hidden in the buckle is a tiny removable LED flashlight. Last but not least, the belt buckle also houses a waterproof fire starter rod.

The usefulness of the SlideBelts Survival Belt as a survival tool doesn’t just end with the belt buckle itself. A lot of thought has gone into the design of the belt strap itself. The belt itself is super tough and can withstand almost 1500 psi of tensile strength. It is waterproof and will remain flexible even in freezing temperatures. In other words, it is tough enough to withstand just about anything you can throw at it.

The SlideBelts Survival Belt uses a ratchet system for adjusting belt size. You may have seen a similar system used in other belts but the buckle on the survival belt is much slimmer and less bulky compared to others. The other big difference is that the ratchet grooves on the belt goes all the way around the entire length of the belt. Besides allowing it to fit any waist size, this also allows you to use the belt in many creative ways in the wild. Need something to quickly strap together a bunch of loose items or even some firewood? Just use the SlideBelts Survival Belt.

In fact the belt material is so strong and well designed, SlideBelts plans to offer them in lengths up to 20 feet so that it can be used for other purposes such as strapping your bike to the back of your pickup.
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