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Forget the plain old brown paper bag. If you want to bring a healthy and mouth watering home prepared lunch to work or school, the only way to do it in style is with the Prepd Pack Lunchbox. This is the lunchbox reimagined. It comes with everything one needs to eat comfortably and much more. This lunchbox even comes with its own app!

The Prepd Pack Lunchbox is like no lunchbox you have ever seen. It is elegantly designed and immaculately crafted that will instantly make you the envy (or at least the center of attraction) the moment you take it out and lay it on your table. The main compartment has a stylish bamboo cover that flips opens up to be your eating mat. Inside the container are smaller clear modular compartments that are used to organize and separate your lunch contents.

Everything is made from premium materials and are designed to make food preparation easier and more convenient. The modular compartments are BPA free and can go from the freezer straight to the microwave for reheating. They are also leak proof, stackable and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning.

The eating mat on the reverse side of the cover is made from food safe and hygienic material, non-slip and easy to clean. It also acts as an insulation layer that keeps your prepared food warm or chilled for longer periods.

The Prepd Pack Lunchbox also comes with a set of magnetic cutlery set that conveniently snap together for easy storage.

And then there is the app. No, unfortunately the Prepd Pack Lunchbox doesn’t prepare your lunch for you via an app. What the app does is to provide you with ideas on what to prepare for your packed lunch. It has meal plans for an entire week. Select the plan that you like and the app creates a shopping list and recipes for you to follow. The recipes are designed to perfectly fit the containers to prevent wastage. With extra modular containers, you can even prepare your lunches way in advance to save your time.

Last but not least, the app will even keep track of your calorie and other nutritional intake. Everything is recorded on the app for easy reference later on. The app runs on both iOS and Android.
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