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There is something about the mesmerizing glow of neon lights that many of us still find very attractive. However, neon lights are difficult to manufacture and requires a lot of skill in bending and shaping glass tubes plus they are quite fragile. Electroluminescent or EL Wire for short has light properties that are very similar to neon lights but they are flexible and more importantly, a whole lot cheaper than neon lights.

There is very little skill required when working with EL Wire and with a little experimentation and a little imagination, there is so much more that you can do including festive home decoration, interior decoration (lighted up bar, anyone?), cool light trimmings for vehicles (both interior and exterior) and the one we love best since Halloween is approaching; one-of-a-kind lighted up costumes. You may have seen EL Wire costumes in festivals and events such as the Burning Man where they are almost ubiquitous.

EL Wire technology is not new and has been around for sometime now. What is new is that current EL Wires are thin, flexible, much brighter and are no longer made from fragile material. The flexibility of the material now makes it possible to integrate EL Wire into clothing. Modern EL Wire can also be easily encased in pliable transparent plastic tubing thus making it waterproof and suitable to be used outdoors as well as indoors. In fact, most of the wires you can buy today are already encased and ready to be used outdoors.

What makes EL Wire so cool is that like neon lights, it offers 360 degrees of illumination. It comes in various colors, can be easily bent into any shape and cut to any length. They are powered by a power pack that normally uses a couple of AA batteries. The power pack is lightweight and can be easily hidden in a pocket if you are using the wires on a light-up costume. Depending on the circuitry on the power pack, the pack may support various lighting modes such as steady on and different speeds of flashing. Those with experience in electronics can further enhance the lighting abilities to sync with sounds and music beats.

EL Wires is perfectly safe to be used and it emits no heat when in use.
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