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A shirt that is stain proof, waterproof and sweat wicking? That is nothing new. We have seen quite a few of those before. What is new about the Best Shirt Ever from Clickbait Clothing (Yes, those are the actual names of the product and the company that produces them) is that it is a button down shirt that actually looks good and something we don’t mind wearing on a daily basis.

The Best Shirt Ever successfully seeked funding on Kickstarter to mass produce the shirts. The money raised was used to purchase the special and very expensive fabric that is used to produce the shirts.

Being waterproof, stain proof as well as sweat wicking, means that the Best Shirt Ever will stay fresh and feel comfortable the whole day long. You will stay dry on a rainy day and you don’t have to worry about sweat stains or spills that ruin your shirt. The shirt is machine washable but the waterproof coating does not wash off unlike some waterproof coatings.

Previous versions of the stain proof and waterproof shirt is usually in either white or black and it is always a t-shirt. We always wondered why they don’t look more fashionable and now we know why. According to Clickbait Clothing, because of the special coating that is applied to the cloth material to give it its special properties, it is not possible to dye the cloth to create different colors and designs. Instead, the cloth has to be specially milled with the color that is required already applied.

Fortunately, instead of playing it safe and going with just black or white, Clickbait Clothing has decided to offer a smart looking button down shirt in both Chambray and Gingham Blue. However, for those who prefer plain old white, that is available as well.
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