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Pepper sprays and stun guns are widely used for self defense. They have proven to work well in many situations but the biggest problem with these devices is their short range. A pepper spray is only effective up to 10 feet at most while you have to be up close and personal to use a stun gun. The Pepper Spray Gun on the other hand is effective up to 150 feet. You don’t have to wait until you see the whites of their eyes to fire off a round to protect yourself.

The Pepper Spray Gun is shaped like a handgun and functions like one as well. To use, just aim and squeeze the trigger. It fires special Salt rounds which are basically capsules filled with a non-lethal powdered pepper spray that burst upon impact. When a Salt capsule bursts, it releases a chemical cloud which causes immediate temporary blindness and difficulty in breathing.

One advantage of using the Pepper Spray Gun over a normal firearm is that you don’t have to directly hit the assailant in order to incapacitate him. As long as the capsule hits nearby, the resulting chemical cloud should be enough to stop him on his tracks. If you manage to hit the assailant, you can add severe impact distress to the list of duress he suffers.

While the capsules will not leave any permanent damage, it travels at 320 feet per second and getting hit by one is a whole lot more painful than being hit by a paintball pellet at close range. A single round may also be more than enough to stop a small group of assailants especially if they are close together and in a tight confined space like a hallway because of the chemical cloud it creates.

As a non-lethal weapon, the Pepper Spray Gun will naturally attract the non-gun crowd. However, even if you own a gun it should always be your last resort. Furthermore, there are many situations where a non-lethal approach is more appropriate such as confronting a drunk aggressor, rowdy teenagers or an unarmed burglar.
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