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You can’t go wrong with kebabs if you are hosting a BBQ party. A combination of bite sized pieces of meat and in-season vegetables that cook quickly over the grill that is sure to please both kids, adults and even the pickiest of eaters. The only reason you don’t see kebabs that often is that they require a lot of preparation and thus are very time consuming. There is a much quicker and a less messy way to prepare kebabs for a big party. It is called Clever Kebab and you can prepare and skewer 16 kebabs in just minutes.

The Clever Kebab is a 6-in-1 kitchen tool that is specially designed to help you quickly prepare kebabs in just minutes. If you love kebabs, you will love this tool. The tool consists of a container with knife slots on all its walls. To construct your kebabs, just place the different layers of meat and vegetables into the container. Then put on the lid and then push in the skewers. You can use either metal or bamboo skewers. If you are using bamboo skewers, remember to soak them in water first.

Once you have completed constructing your kebabs, cut through the layers using a knife by running the knife through the knife slots on the wall. The knife slots are spaced about 1.2 inches apart. This creates perfect bite-sized that are easy to cook but won’t shrink to nothing after cooking.

Remove the lid and the container walls and your 16 kebabs are now ready for the grill. Preparing dozens of perfectly constructed kebabs now take just a fraction of the time it normally takes. Best of all, no more accidentally skewering your own finger or hand while preparing the kebabs.

Although its main task is for quickly preparing kebabs, the Clever Kebab does have a few other functions.  The removable wall can be used as a cutting board for preparing your ingredients. It also doubles up as a strainer for washing vegetables. The top lid has a ceramic knife sharpener perfect for a quick sharpening if your knife happens to be a little blunt. You can use the knife slots as a stencil for making straight cuts. Last but not least, there is also an included attachment for turning the top lid into a citrus juicer.

You are not limited to making kebabs for the grill, the Clever Kebab maker can also be used for making fruit and cheese skewers or yogurt and fruits Popsicle.

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