Watches are no longer just simple timepieces that tell time. Modern and high tech smart watches are beginning to take over some of the functionality of the smart phone. On the other end of the spectrum, watches are indispensable fashion accessories and you will feel pretty naked without one when dressing for formal parties, weddings or nights out.

Watch designers are also become more creative with ways of telling time and going way beyond the classic watch dials. The Ziiiro Aurora Watch takes telling time to a whole new level by using transparent gradient color discs. A blue disc represents the hour while the passing minutes are represented by a yellow disc. When the two colors overlap each other, you naturally get a third color, green.

Ziiiro Aurora Watch - Telling Time

It was a little tricky telling the time at first but after awhile you’ll get the hang of it and can get a little smug when you can tell the time while others stare blankly at the pretty colors on the Ziiiro Aurora Watch. However, people who are colorblind should stay far away from the watch.



Where to Buy Ziiiro Aurora Watch


Ziiiro Aurora Watch

The Ziiiro Aurora Watch displays time using two transparent gradient discs, blue color representing the hour and yellow displaying the minute.

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