No, the DODOcase Durables Wallet for the iPhone 4/5 is not made from dodo birds but like the dodo bird, simple and high quality iPhone wallets that combine timeless fashion, durability and modern functions are really rare. DODObird, the designers of the wallet has a simple philosophy; design modern day products that help keep the art of bookbinding alive.

That philosophy has created an iPhone wallet that is truly unique. Those who treasure classic materials like canvas, twill and leather will appreciate the innovation and skilled craftsmanship that goes into producing the DODOcase Durables Wallet. Each wallet features a waxed canvas exterior with a cotton twill pocket for holding and protecting the iPhone. On both sides of the pocket are a couple of leather pockets for holding your cash and cards. The entire wallet is handsomely stitched together.

If you are looking for high tech features such as RFID blocking or NFC chips, this is not the wallet for you. If you just want a simple but high quality wallet that is well build and stylish with a classic look, you may want to consider the DODOcase Durables Wallet.



Where to Buy DODOcase Durables Wallet for iPhone 4/5


DODOcase Durables Wallet for iPhone 4/5

DODOcase Durables Wallet combines timeless fashion with modern function. Features a waxed canvas exterior, cotton twill center pocket and 2 side pockets.

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