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There is a little not-so-well-known travel tip about getting your clothes wrinkle free. Without ironing. Just hang your clothes in a shower and let the steam in the shower relax the wrinkles. It is a simple solution made difficult nowadays as hotels replace their hangers with special hangers to prevent theft. And then there is the issue of finding a place to hang a hanger in the shower.

The Steam Clip is a travel accessory that acts as an adapter and let you use all kinds of non-standard hotel hangers. With this clip, you can use any hotel hanger to steam your clothes in the shower. It even has a special hooking system. If there isn’t a hook in the shower, don’t worry. You can hook it over a regular door, a glass door or even a shower curtain rail.

The hanger hook adapter works with ball-top hangers, micro-hook hangers and regular hangers. With the Steam Clip, there shouldn’t be a hanger that wouldn’t work or lack of a place to hang it in the shower.

Not needing to iron your clothes when you travel should be enough to attract travelers to include the Steam Clip in their luggage. However if you are still unconvinced, this multitool has a few other travel uses.

As with all multitool worth their salt, it also functions as a bottle opener. It doesn’t have to take up precious space and doing nothing in your check-in luggage when you travel. It can be used as a phone holder to prop up your phone for watching movies when flying.

Last but not least, it acts as a measuring ruler and thread or tag cutter. Ideal for getting rid of those irritating tags should you forget to remove them from your clothes. Or if you want to wear something you just purchased.
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