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iSafe Child School BackPack

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iSafe Child School BackPack

No, the iSafe Child School BackPack is not a new Apple product to conquer the world’s school grounds. It is actually a backpack for kids that has a built-in personal alarm.

If a child using the iSafe Child School BackPack encounters any dangerous situation, he or she can activate two high decibel sirens plus a high intensity strobe light to ward off any potential intruders or attackers. The alarm can be triggered in a split second by pulling a cord located on one of the shoulder straps and is easily accessible.

iSafe Child School BackPack

The iSafe backpack comes in many designs for both boys and girls. It is made from 100% Nylon and can be hand washed. It has many large compartments and plenty of room to accommodate all kinds of gear for students on the move.

The iSafe backpack also comes in adult sized versions.


Where to Buy iSafe Child School BackPack


iSafe Child School BackPack

iSafe’s school backpack provides “Mobile Personal Security” for the user. In a split second, you can activate two high decibel sirens and a high intensity strobe light simultaneously to attract immediate attention to a dangerous or harmful situation (louder than most car alarms).

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