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If we have not seen the promotional photos, we would never have guessed what the Tabi is actually used for. With the clothes-hanger like hook, we would have thought that it is an accessory for hanging clothes or something except that it looks nothing like any other hanger we have ever seen either. But one look at the Tabi in use and we all went “Ahhhhhhh……”.

The Tabi is the brainchild of Lior Avrahami who first came out with the predecessors to the Tabi known as the Bondi and the Bandi. The Tabi is a combination of these original products and scaled up to fit a tablet. It consists of two parts. The “body” parts of the Tabi which consists of the hook-like head and the arms and legs that hold on to the tablet, and also the elastic band that holds the upper body to the legs.

The holder parts look like plastic but are actually made from metal and covered in silicone. These won’t be breaking anytime soon and the silicone layer protects your tablet from being scratched by the metal. To mount on your tablet, just attach the holders and then tighten the Velcro equipped elastic strap.

It’s a simple design but surprisingly very versatile. The hook allows you to hang your tablet just about anywhere that you can hook it on to – the back of your car’s headrest or hooks in your kitchen or bathroom. Slip your palm behind the elastic strap and you have a comfortable and secured way of holding on to your tablet. Alternatively, you can strap the Tabi band to a stroller bar, shopping cart handle or even to your exercise machine so you can have hands-free access to your tablet at all times.

Lior is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter to go into full production. In fact Lior mentions that he will go into production the moment that the funding goal is reached and not wait until the deadline ends on November 8. If you are interested in the Tabi, pay a visit to the Tabi Kickstarter page and pledge your support.

Buy from Kickstarter