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We are all aware of the dangers of using smartphones without a hands-free device while driving. However our smartphone is much more than just a device for making calls and sending text nowadays. For many, it is also our in car entertainment and also our GPS device. For that, you will need a proper and secure car mount for mounting your phone on your car for easy access and visibility. This is where the iTap Magnetic Vent Mount comes in handy.

The iTap Magnetic Vent Mount provides you with the perfect mounting solution for your smartphone. It is unique from other vent mounts because it allows full 360 degrees rotation giving you a better viewing angle and to quickly change your phone’s orientation.

It comes with a choice of 2 mounting methods either using an inner or outer plate. The outer plate is a circular thin metal plate that you can attach to the back of your phone. The plate comes with an adhesive tape plus there is an optional clear film that can be used to protect the phone’s surface. The inner plate is a rectangular plate that you can stick to the inside of your phone’s case if you are using one. The clear film can be stuck on top of the inner plate to protect your phone from being scratched by the plate.

The iTap Magnetic Vent Mount features 6 rare earth magnets that generate a 6-lb pull force ensuring a solid grip that will securely grip on to the attached plate on your phone. Its magnets will not cause any interference to your wireless connections like WiFi or cellular reception. As its name suggests, the iTap Magnetic Vent Mount is mounted on the car vent. The vent gripping arms are silicon coated to prevent scratches and damage while reducing vibrations on your phone while your car is in motion.

It has a One Click lock and release feature that allows for one handed release of a mounted phone. The iTap Magnetic Vent Mount is more compact than other mounts in the market. Mount with one hand and you are ready to go. It will, however, affect some compass functions but will return to normal after removing your phone from the mount. When not in used in the car, the  iTap Magnetic Vent Mount can double up as a kickstand for your phone.

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