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The crowd sourcing sites are a hotbed for minimalist wallet projects seeking funding. Generally, minimalist or slim wallets fall into 1 of 2 categories. The first consists of wallets made from more traditional materials such as leather or synthetic fabrics while the second is usually nothing more than 2 card sized metal plates strapped together with an elastic band of some sort. The Ti2 Titanium Minimalist Wallet is a new slim wallet design currently seeking funding on Kickstarter and it is more of the latter category but not entirely which makes it rather unique.

Ti2 Titanium Minimalist Wallet

The Ti2 Titanium Minimalist Wallet is a hybrid between the 2 plate minimalist wallet design and the traditional money clip. Rather than using an elastic band to hold two plates together, the Ti2 uses the spring property of the metal plate to clamp and hold the wallet contents in place. The use of titanium plate for the wallet is more than just purely aesthetic or just to add a bullet point to the wallet’s features. Titanium is light, strong and more importantly, has a  high modulus of elasticity which means that the wallet will maintain its clamping strength indefinitely.

Ti2 Titanium Minimalist Wallet 2

The clamping power of the Ti2 Titanium Minimalist Wallet lets it clamp a single bank note securely or up to as many as 7 cards plus 12 bills tri-folded.

For a little more money, you can opt to monogram in your initials on the wallet surface for that customized look.

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