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Your phone rings. To the amazement of the people around you, you take out a banana from your bag and start using it as your phone. Yes, this sounds like a funny prank. Except that the Banana Phone is actually a working phone.

The banana as a phone joke is an old one. In fact, Nokia used to have a curved phone that was nicknamed the Banana Phone. It was made famous in the movie Matrix. Recently Nokia updated and re-released the original Nokia 8810 phone. They even released it in bright banana yellow.

This Banana Phone on the other hand is actually shaped like a banana. If you were to leave it in a fruit bowl, it can actually blend right in. However, it is not a phone in the real sense. It functions more like your wireless Bluetooth headset that connects to your phone.

You pair it like any headset. When you make a call or receive one on your cellphone, you use the banana handset to talk. It even works with voice assistants like Siri for making calls. Not the most practical phone accessory for sure. But definitely one of the funniest ones.

The handset has a rechargeable battery that gives you about 10 hours of talk time. Bluetooth range is 30 feet. Just nice for you to sneak it into a fruit basket. Then nonchalantly answer a call by picking up a banana.
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