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The Satechi Bluetooth Button Series controllers offers a great way to remotely control your smartphone from a distance or when it is out of reach. There are 3 different designs available – Media, Home and Shutter button – but the design that interest us the most is the Media Button.

With the Satechi Bluetooth Button Series, you can now conveniently access your smartphone even when it is in your pocket, purse or bag, or with the Media Button model, you can even have it attached to your car’s steering wheel or dashboard so you can safely and conveniently control the volume or settings of your phone without having to reach it.

The Satechi Bluetooth Media Button comes with a mount attachment that you can install on your car’s steering wheel or bike handlebars. It has buttons that let you can change songs, forward, rewind, play or pause media easily without taking your eyes off the road while driving.

Satechi Bluetooth Button Series

For those who love taking selfies, the Satechi Bluetooth Shutter Button is a remote shutter button for your phone’s camera. Just take your time to pose for that awesome selfie shot and hit the shutter button.

Lastly the Satechi Bluetooth Home Button is a remote button for activating Siri or Samsung’s S Voice. Although it is not mentioned, the Media Button can also be used to activate Siri by using long button press. So if you don’t mind using a long button press, you are probably better off getting the Media Button that has media playback controls as well.

Wireless connection range is up to 40 feet for all 3 models. Simply pair the Bluetooth device to your phone and you are ready to go. It is powered by a CR2016 battery which has an amazingly long life span of 2 years.

Each button includes an audio port keychain attachment and the steering/handle bar mount although it is rather strange that the Shutter Button comes with one as well.
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