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First, came the smart phone. Then came the selfie. Then the selfie stick came along. And now, it’s the selfie remote’s turn. It is a natural progression. You may love it or hate it but selfies and selfie sticks are here to stay. The selfie remote is inevitably the next gadget that selfie lovers will be adding to their assortment of gadgets. We have covered quite a few selfie remotes including other devices that can function as a remote for your smartphone’s camera shutter. However, the iSmile Bluetooth Selfie Remote is the most compact and best looking selfie remote that we have ever come across.

First of all, the iSmile Bluetooth Selfie Remote is really flat at only 4.2 mm thin. Its design reminds us a lot of the Tile item tracker. It too is flat, square and has a hole on one of the corners for you to attach the device to your keychain or for conviniently hanging on to a bag strap. While it is thin, the iSmile is designed to be tough as it has zinc-alloy frame that looks rather stylish and adds a lot to the visual appeal.

The iSmile Bluetooth Selfie Remote works with both iOS and Android devices with no additional app required for most popular phones. If your phone’s built-in camera app does not support the iSmile, you just have to install the Camera360 3rd party camera app which supports the iSmile perfectly. To use, just pair the iSmile with your smartphone via Bluetooth 4.0 which is the low energy version of Bluetooth. The battery in the iSmile is expected to last up to 2 years.

Taking a selfie couldn’t be simpler with the iSmile. Just turn on the camera app, put on your best pose and press the shutter button on the iSmile. The iSmile can be used for controlling the shutter for both photos and videos. It works beautifully paired with a selfie stick.

The iSmile is rated IP67 for waterproofing. It is protected against dust and immersion of under 1m of water. This means that you can use it at the beach, in the rain and it will survive a dunk in a glass of water as shown in the promo video. However, you probably shouldn’t take a swim with it.

The iSmile Bluetooth Selfie Remote comes in 6 stylish designs.

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