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Solar Brick Paver

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Have you ever wanted to add lighted LED pavers to your walks, patios, driveways and pool decks but got discouraged by the hassle of electrical installation? Now you can have a beautiful lighted walkway for both beauty and safety using the Solar Brick Paver without the need of a single wire.

The Solar Brick Paver is a 4 x 8 inch self contained solar module system that you can easily install by digging out an existing 4 x 8 inch paver and popping in the Solar Brick Paver. That is all that is to it. No wires or electrician required. The Solar Brick Paver is powered by a single AA sized 1,000 mAh rechargeable battery. It comes with 12 ultra-bright white LEDs that lights up to 6+ hours on a full day’s charge.

These pavers are built to last and can withstand foot and light car traffic. They are also easily serviceable and you can do it on your own. To replace the battery, just unscrew the lens cover from the top. If needed, the entire Solar Brick Paver can be replaced by just digging it out and popping in a new one. Again, no messy wiring required.

The Solar Brick Paver has emerged as one of GetdatGadget’s Top 10 gadgets of 2016. Check out the rest of the gadgets that make up the Top 10 list here.

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Where to Buy Solar Brick Paver

4" x 8" Solar Landscape Brick Light Featuring the Solar Module System for Years of Worry Free Operation Install in Driveways, Walkways, Landscaping, Pool Decks, or Wherever Ground Accent Lighting is Desired. Go GREEN and Use NO ELECTRICITY! Easy Installation. No Wires or Electrician Required.

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Where to Buy Solar Brick Paver

The Solar Brick Paver creates warm, cosy atmospheres in dining rooms, lounges and foyers and is also a popular light fitting for restaurants, offices, hotels and retails outlets.

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