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The Upright Child Carrier Backpack


Hiking is a great activity for a family to enjoy quality time together. However, your hiking location and duration can be severely limited by the age of the age of your kids. Although they seem to never run out of energy while bouncing on the couch, they do tend to surprisingly run out of steam pretty quickly while on a hike. Strollers on the other hand don’t work very well on uneven ground. Parents may end up carrying their kids which is usually more exercise than they bargained for. The Piggyback Rider is an innovative backpack for older kids that lets an adult give a piggyback ride with as little strain as possible to the adult.

The Piggyback Rider is a simple contraption that straps to your back like a regular backpack but has a special stand bar located about waist level. To allow the child to get aboard, you kneel down and let him or her cling to your back and strap on the safety harness. It also has handle straps for the child to hold on to.

The child has an excellent view in this standing position and some freedom of movement while on the Piggyback Rider. For the adult, the standing position provides a better weight distribution because of the lower center of gravity. The carrier also allows for a natural upright walking posture. The Piggyback Rider is designed for kids from 2.5 up to 7 years old.

Compared to other normal kid carriers or strollers, the Piggyback Rider weighs about 2 lbs and when folded up, it is about the size of a rolled up towel. It makes an excellent alternative to normal carriers and can be easily carried along when travelling abroad or on a road trip.

The only problem with the Piggyback Rider is that your kids may love it so much, they will ask to be carried even though they are not tired.

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