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Charge Your iPhone 5/5s Without a Charger

Don’t you wish that you can charge your cell phone without a charger? Who remembers or wants to bring a charger along all the time? Wouldn’t it be great if your phone has built-in connectors that allow you to plug your phone directly to the wall outlet?  The Prong PocketPlug Case and Charger for the iPhone 5/5s is an add-on protective case that allows you to do just that.

At the back of the Prong PocketPlug Case and Charger are 2 electrical prongs that flips out of the case. The prongs let you plug your iPhone directly to any electrical outlet to charge it. It saves you the hassle of needing to remember to bring your charger or charging cable with you. The prongs fold flat into the case when not in use. How is that for multi-function phone case?

Not impressed yet? The Prong PocketPlug Case and Charger also allows you to charge using the more commonly available micro USB cable. Ever since the traitorous Android OS invaded the free world, those pesky micro USB cables are everywhere. Now, with the Prong PocketPlug Case and Charger, you can make use of them to charge your iPhone via the included micro USB pass-through.

Still not impressed? The Prong PocketPlug Case and Charger throws in audio enhancement as well. This features redirects sound from the speaker to the front of the phone. This produces louder and clearer audio.

There you have it. A multi-function phone case with a total of 4 useful features. Also available for the iPhone 4 and 4s.
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