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A foldable helmet that takes up less space when not in use is one of the holy grails of helmet design. The Carrera Foldable Helmet for cyclists is reaching out for the holy grail with its innovative folding design.

While the Carrera Foldable Helmet does save about 25% in space when compressed, we don’t think that it has managed to come up with a truly foldable helmet design. Nonetheless, it is quite an accomplishment to come up with an innovative design that folds like an accordion and yet at the same time manages to adhere to EN 1078  safety standards.

Carrera Foldable Cycling Helmet

When folded away, the Carrera Helmet fits into a 15cm x 15cm x 26cm space knocking off about 5cm of the width. While that doesn’t seem a lot, it could be all it takes to fit the helmet into a drawer or a bag. It also allows the helmet to be conveniently strapped to your belt.

The folding design of the helmet also brings about 2 additional advantages. The first is that the helmet may be a better fit for some cyclists with odd-shaped heads. The flexibility of the straps holding the helmet together lets the helmet mold to the shape of the wearer’s head.

Secondly, the helmet has very good ventilation due to its structure and design.



Where to Buy Carrera Foldable Helmet


Carrera Foldable Helmet

The Carrera Foldable Helmet uses an innovative folding design that keeps it compact for storage without compromising on safety.

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