Returns Your Ball Every Time


Can’t afford to hire minions to wait under the basket and return the balls to you as you practice your ball shooting? The Shoot-Around Ball Return accessory does it for you at a fraction of the cost of a minion (not that we know how much minions go for nowadays, we have unpaid interns instead).

The Shoot-Around Ball Return is a chute that clips to the bottom of the basket. The angle of the chute can be rotated to have the ball returned to your position every time. The angle can be adjusted without adjusting the clips and dismantling the whole apparatus. Now you can practice your shooting repetitively and develop a steady rhythm. Spend more time working your game and less time retrieving balls.



Where to Buy Shoot-Around Ball Return


Shoot-Around Ball Return

The SKLZ Shoot-Around ball return enables repetitive shooting training, helping basketball players develop a rhythm, without the help of a rebounder.

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