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Some people may refer to them as socks. But we prefer to call the revolutionary Skinners the best alternative to heavy and klunky shoes. These incredible ultra-portable shoes roll up like socks and will easily fit into your jeans pocket. They are durable, anti-odor, anti-slip and you can just toss them into the washer to wash just like a pair of socks. In other words, they are just plain awesome.

Think of all the convenience that a pair of socks that functions like a pair of shoes would bring. You can go for yoga or workout at the gym without the need to change out your shoes. You can wear them on a long flight and still move around without having to hunt for your shoes every time you need to stretch your legs. Throw a few pairs into your luggage bag while taking up almost no space at all.

Love running barefooted? With Skinners you can have the same experience while providing your feet with full protection. Spend the entire day at the office without wearing your shoes if you want to. If you like inline skating, you will appreciate the convenience of not having the need to bring along an extra pair of shoes.

Skinners may seem flimsy like an ordinary pair of socks but it is anything but that. The highly abrasive resistant soles are very flexible but yet provide protection from even broken glass. It has anti-slip properties plus a waterproof underside layer. The enhanced toe protection are designed to provide protection for your toes.

The top side of the shoes have highly breathable mesh ventilation zones and antibacterial yarns that prevents bad odors.

Skinners are the perfect hybrid of the comfort, compactness and versatility of a pair of socks with the protection provided by a pair of shoes. Best of all, with Skinners, you may never have to clean or wash another pair of shoes ever again.

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