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Ring Clock: your Watch on your Finger

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The smartwatch is slowly becoming the replacement for your smartphone so would natural progression make your ring the replacement for your watch? The folks behind the Ring Clock seems to think so. When we first saw the image for this fascinating piece of jewelry, our thoughts were that it was just a piece of concept art for a futuristic device. Little did we know that it actually exists and you can actually buy one today.

The Ring Clock is made up of an inner ring and a rotating outer ring that are made from surgical stainless steel. The inner ring is in contact with your finger while the outer ring rotates over the inner ring. Rotating the outer ring activates the LED light that light up the outer ring thus letting you know the time.

The outer ring is made up of 3 sections. The numbers in the top section represents the 24 hours in a day. The numbers in the middle section represents the minutes while each vertical line represents an additional minute. Last but not least, the dots at the bottom section represents the seconds. You have an option of having either blue or orange LEDs.

To conserve battery power, the LEDs on the Ring Clock only lights up if you rotate the outer ring. The LEDs remain on for about 15 seconds before powering off again. Depending on the actual time, you may need to rotate the ring quite a bit to read the time. It is not exactly as simple as taking a quick glance at a watch but the cool factor of the Ring Clock sure beats any watch including the smart ones.

Battery wise, the Ring Clock is expected to last about a week on a full charge with 50 activations per day. Charging is wireless via an included Qi wireless power charger pad. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the ring to full battery. The charging pad is also used for setting the time on the Ring Clock.

Last but not least, the Ring Clock is available in most standard ring sizes ranging from 6.5 to 15 US.
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Ring Clock. The ring that gives you time!

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Where to Buy Ring Clock

The Ring Clock puts your watch on your ring. Activate the LEDs that show the time by rotating the outer ring.

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