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When Xiaomi launched the original Mi Band fitness tracker more than 2 years ago, they totally changed the wearable fitness band landscape. Prior to the Mi Band, fitness trackers were expensive accessories costing hundreds of dollars and only the elites can afford. Xiaomi made the Mi Band affordable to anyone who is interested in tracking their activity level by selling it at only $13. Now Xiaomi is back with the new Mi Band 2, a follow up to the original.

While the original Mi Band performed adequately for keeping track of many activity and health indicators such as number of steps, distance and calories burned, it lacked advanced features that other trackers were capable of measuring. The most glaring missing feature is the lack of a heart rate monitor. This is an important feature for those who are really serious about their workout regimen. We are glad to report that the new Mi Band 2 now includes this feature.

The second additional feature that has been added to the new Mi Band 2 is an OLED touch screen display. Now, you can monitor most of your stats from the tracker itself without needing to sync to your smartphone and opening the Mi Fit app. While not really critical to the tracker’s functionality, having instant access to monitored data is really helpful especially for heart rate. To switch between the displays, just tap on the touch button below the display.

Since the Mi Band 2 now has a built-in display, it only made sense that Xiaomi allowed it to display time as well. For original Mi Band users who had to wear a watch as well as the band itself, this means that you can now wear one less device on your wrist.

All the other original functions are still there such as the sleep tracking, smart alarm, vibration alerts for calls, messages and apps, plus our favorite non-tracking function, the ability to unlock our smartphones without having to enter a password.

With the additional functions, battery life has been reduced from 30 days to about 20 days. This is still a very respectable battery life compared to other similar activity trackers.

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