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If you plan to live like a rockstar, get things rolling by hanging your keys like one. The Jack Rack range of key holders are designed to look like guitar amplifiers. Each Jack Rack key holder comes with 4 key holders that are attached to actual 1/4″ musical input jacks with a loop for holding your keys. These are so cool you probably want to write a song about it to tell the world how great they are.

The Jack Rack is the result of a highly successful Kickstarter project. The first few designs launched on Kickstarter were “inspired” by popular amp designs. After the project got to a great start, Pluginz Keychains, the creators of Jack Rack started working with actual amp manufacturers to produce designs that are based on real amps. So far, they have released official products featuring brands like Friedman and Carvin Audio. In the works and to be released soon is an official Marshall Jack Rack.

Besides amp manufacturers, Pluginz Keychains is also working with rock bands and artists like Beartooth and Matty Mullins for special versions of the guitar amp key holder.

Each key holder set comes with a 2-piece “amp” mounting plate and a front plate. A bit of installation is required but nothing a rockstar can’t handle. Once the mounting plate is securely mounted to the wall, all you need to do is fix the front plate to it. Please make sure that the mounting is secured as the key chains with the input jacks fit quite snugly into the female jacks on the front plate.

It takes quite a bit of pulling to yank out the keychain. However, it also means that the Jack Rack is strong enough for use with other heavier items like kitchen utensils and BBQ tools. Yes, you can rock out the other parts of your life as well.
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