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Need to quickly take your baby’s body temperature? There is now an app for that on your iOS or Android smartphone. Before you go rushing off to download the app, take note that the app requires the Wishbone infrared thermometer that attaches to your phone’s headphone jack.

Infrared or contactless thermometers for babies are not new. However, the Wishbone baby thermometer takes the baby thermometer to a new level by adding features that most parents will find useful. The thermometer’s infrared sensor is angled at 45º so that it is easy to view the temperature reading on the phone. It also makes it easy to take your own temperature. The non-contact infrared sensor accurately and unobtrusively measures temperature in less than 2 seconds.

The app saves the temperature reading and can provide very useful historical data of the baby’s temperature. You can also save historical data for the entire family.

You can use the Wishbone thermometer for measuring other things such as the temperature of the baby’s milk or the water in the baby tub before giving a bath. This ensures that the milk and the bath water is not too hot or too cold.

Couples who are trying to conceive can use the thermometer to measure the slight increase in body temperature during the woman’s ovulation period.

The Wishbone thermometer runs on two button batteries that are commonly found in stores.
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