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We have featured many pocket sized multi-tools on this site that includes a screwdriver but to be really honest, the screw driver function on these tools are mostly for simple jobs or to temporarily tighten a loose screw. The reason why these tools cannot compare to an actual screwdriver tool is that they do not allow the user to apply enough torque for properly tightening a screw. The Screwdriver MINI +|- on the other hand is specifically designed to allow for lots of torque to do a proper job.

The Screwdriver MINI +|- is tiny, shaped like a key and designed to fit on a regular keychain so that you have it with you all the time. It has a magnetic neodymium shaft that fits any standard 1″ bit as well as an included custom bit that has both a phillips and a flat head tip.

The tool itself is made from chromed zinc alloy and the key-shape and is designed to let you apply a serious amount of torque while the high-strength alloy keeps the screwdriver from twisting out of shape.

Last but not least, no multi-tool is complete without a bottle opener and the Screwdriver MINI +|- doesn’t disappoint as it comes with this function as well. Consider adding the Screwdriver MINI +|- to your EDC kit if your current multi-tool screwdriver is a bit lacking.

The Screwdriver MINI +|- is currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Check it out and pledge your support to make it a reality.
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