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The 8-in-1 Multi-Tool That Fits on a Keychain


We admit that we have a fetish for really portable multi-tools. This is because a multi-tool is only useful if you have it with you. Your multi-tool may have a hundred different function but if it is too bulky to have it with you at all times, it is of no use to you. That is why we believe the True Utility TU47 Keytool deserves a place on your keychain.

Like the Swiss Tech Utili-key multi-tool, the True Utility TU47 Keytool is shaped like a key and easily fits on your keychain. Unlike the Utili-key, the Keytool actually wraps around one of your existing keys and uses it as leverage for opening bottle caps. It also has 3 screwdriver sizes, nail file, nail cleaner, thread cutter and a pair of tweezers. All the different functions are clearly marked on the tool itself so you’ll have a good idea on how to use the tool. Most of the functions are pretty straightforward but we are quite impressed with the tweezers function. It is the perfect emergency tool for getting that annoying splinter out of your finger. Something that happens to most people way too often.

A quick release clip is included so that it can be easily removed and reattached to the keychain. However, you can use most of the tool’s functions while it is still attached to the keychain. Just twist the TU47 KeyTool away from the key and you can use both the tool or the key itself.

We have come across quite a few key-sized multi-tools that handily fits on a keychain. However, we really like the True Utility TU47 because it doesn’t really even take up a slot on the keychain as it attaches itself to one of the keys. It may not has as many functions as many of the other multitools but it has the important ones including the must-have bottle cap opener.
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