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The Push Pull Rotate Door Lock from Brinks Home Security is a rather unique door lock. It is a single door lock that you can open using three different methods. You can either push in the lock, pull the lock or just rotate the lock like you normally would.

What good is a door lock that open three different ways? Isn’t that two ways too many? Think of the number of times when you didn’t have a free hand to open a door. Perhaps you got your hands full with bags of grocery or the kids or both! With the Push Pull Rotate Door Lock, you can now open the door by just bumping the lock with your hips or elbow and push in. Or if your door happens to open towards you, just slip a finger over the handle and pull.

The other great feature of the Push Pull Rotate Door Lock is that you can replace your existing door lock all on your own. We love DIY stuff because of the sense of accomplishment that we get but mainly because it saves us money. All you need to change the locks on your own is a Philips screwdriver and about 10 minutes of your time. To be honest, most of the 10 minutes will be used for making measurements to make sure you are using the right part and getting the settings right.

The Push Pull Rotate Door Lock comes in both lever handle and round cylindrical knob types. Each lock type also comes with different finishing options to fit in with your home furnishing and style.

Brinks Home Security is a trusted name in high quality door locks. You don’t have to take our word for it too because all the items in this line comes with a lifetime warranty for defects and workmanship.
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