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The Slice Ceramic Safety Cutter and Pocket Cutter look rather similar. Both are pocket-sized cutters with a ceramic blade. However, while the Safety Cutter features a fixed non-retractable blade, the Pocket Cutter has an auto-retractable blade. What adds a little to the confusion is that both are actually designed for safety.

Like all the blades and cutters in the Slice Ceramic range, both the Slice Ceramic Safety Cutter and Pocket Cutter come with a ceramic blade. Ceramic blades stay sharp 10 times longer than an ordinary steel blade. High tech ceramic blades are almost as hard as diamonds and they never rust.

While both the Slice Ceramic Safety Cutter and Pocket Cutter may look similar, each actually functions differently and each has its own use. The Safety Cutter is best used for quickly cutting through paper and also thin plastic packaging. It is ideal for those who love scrapbooking, cutting out news articles, couponers and for art projects.

Since the cutting blade only protrudes out slightly, it never cuts deeper than 2 sheets of paper. And if you have ever struggled with opening those dastardly blister packs, the Safety Cutter makes that a problem of the past. The cutter is also magnetic so you can stick it to the side of your fridge so that you can easily reach out for it when you need it.

The Pocket Cutter on the other hand functions more like a standard pen knife. It has a retractable ceramic blade that is operated by a spring loaded slider button. Releasing the slider button automatically retracts the blade thus improving safety. Furthermore, the Pocket Cutter blade has a rounded tip for added safety. Changing the ceramic blade is easy and requires no tool. The Pocket Cutter also has a built-in magnet for convenient storage.

Either of these blades will serve you well and will make a great addition to your box of home tools.
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