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The best multitool is always the multitool that you have on you. Multi-tool fans will always their favorite multi-tool (or perhaps even more than one) in their pocket or EDC kit. But even the most prepared may forget their tool or kit. So how do you ensure that you always have your multi-tool with you? SOG Knives has a rather ingenious solution. They made their latest multi-tool, the SOG Sync II double up as your belt buckle.

Assuming that the average Joe will not forget his belt when wearing his pants, the SOG Sync II will always be around when it is needed. Before you ask, no, you don’t have to remove your belt in order to use the tool itself. The SOG Sync II is actually mounted on a detachable base that sits on the belt. To use the tool, just slip it off and clip it back on when you are done. This is fortunate because having to remove or unbuckle the belt every time you need the tool may lead to “unfortunate misunderstandings”.

The SOG Sync II has a total of 12 tools including pliers, crimpers, gripper, straight blade, 3 drivers, a wire cutter, a three-sided file, a ruler, an awl, and the all-important bottle opener. The tool is made from high quality stainless steel and is actually quite hefty.

It feels like a real tool and you know it is not going to fall apart when you exert strength on it. It also has a nice bead blasted finishing that gives it that high-end tool look and feel. When unfolded, the tool is almost 6″ long and weighs 9 ounces.

The tool buckle is made to fit most belts up to 1-3/4″ wide. Thinner belts up to 1-3/8” are best used with the Sync I. The Sync I is slightly smaller, lighter and the set of included tools (minus one of the drivers) are slightly smaller in size. We prefer the larger tool set on the SOG Sync II as they are more functional and versatile but the buckle is significantly heavier as a result.

The best thing about the SOG Sync II is definitely the fact that it is a fully functional multi-tool that is no different from many standard multi-tools like the Leatherman tools. It is unlike many buckle multi-tools that are no more than a few simple tools that are hidden or incorporated into a standard belt buckle. This is a real tool and you can get real work done with it.

Last but not least, should you prefer not to use the SOG Sync II as a belt buckle, you can always just clip it on the strap of your backpack, on your boot or on your belt itself.
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